So, Farewell then HMV

Lines written on the demise of the HMV shop Oxford St.The loss of its music basement a loss to London and music lovers everywhere.

so farewell then HMV
the oxford st store
store no more

no more browse
obscure and weird
you’re in your shroud

your replacement
empty pale
flogging us the obvious

amazon, this is your fault
your cheapness
cheapens us



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2 responses to “So, Farewell then HMV

  1. Roy

    I know HMV has closed its door at the big Oxford street branch, but fear not. They now located at their new place near Bond Street tube. From one of your former students at Hackney Community College, 2006.

    • Hi Roy,

      thanks for the info but the shop nr Bond St is really very small selling only “popular” items, the vast range of the classical, jazz and spoken word the old shop has is gone. I used to spend hours just browsing through those locking for surprises and having my memory jogged. This loss of serendipity is a great tragedy.
      Thanks though for the comment and sorry for the slow reply. College now dominates my time…I meant to replay ealier but….college dominates my life, plus I am still trying to work out this wordpress thing. And squeeze a bit of writing in between the cracks.

      Good luck Roy and nice to hear from you,


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